Crystals For Protection

Crystals For Protection

What Crystals are good for protection?

We are definitely living in some incredibly strange times! The insecurity of life and what’s to become of our world and the way things are done has become so strong that we have begun needing more and more protection. The protection we need is to keep us in a more peaceful and focussed state of mind while we block all the negativity and fear being thrown around in the world right now. 

Our areas of needed protection are mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and psychically, however, I am going to focus on the following:

*stones for protection of negative energy, crystals for negative energy removal, crystals for sleep protection, crystals for empath protection, crystals for protection from spirits, stones for protection from evil, Crystals for protection from illness, and EMF crystals.

I feel that in today’s craziness, these are some of the more important focuses. (Feel free to message me if you’d like to have more info on another type of protection.)

Honestly, I came up with a crystal set that I use for protection for all of these things and I will post more about it later in this blog post. I will share a bit of detail on each crystal I use and how each helps with protection as well as where you can purchase this crystal set to get you started.

Best Stones for Protection

I often get asked what the best stones for protection? My response: 

Black Tourmaline Protection

Shungite Protection 

Why are these stones the best stones for protection? They cover all the most important areas we need to be protected, especially since we have all been forced to work and congregate online during this strange world transition. Both of these black stones for protection are grounding and excellent for both guarding against and absorbing negativity and Emf’s while balancing your emotions.

Crystals For EMF Protection

Both shungite and black tourmaline crystals are fantastic for EMF protection and as far as EMF crystals go, they are the two most powerful in my personal experience. We are constantly being bombarded with wifi and other electromagnetic frequencies so the black stone for protection is often one of these two more potent EMF crystals.

Emf’s are disruptive to our energy field and negatively impact our bodies, our cells, and leave us feeling drained and out of balance. By placing the black stone for protection near computers, phones, tv, laptop, and other electronic devices, we can neutralize the emf frequencies without interfering with their function. 

Black tourmaline has always been a constant in my life, it was one of the first crystals I ever bought as a crystal curious 16-year-old. I loved that a) it was black b) it was mysterious and c) it had a texture which was character to me. I love texture. ( this is where I will also admit I was a bit Goth in my middle high school years so black everything appealed to me!)

At the time though, I had no clue about its properties, I was just drawn to it. I didn’t realize that it was protecting me while I was enduring all the teenage drama that comes with being a little different in high school. I appreciate it so much more as an adult especially since I didn’t use computers back then and now need its emf protection more than ever! 

Crystals To Cleanse And Protect My Home

I always use crystals to cleanse and protect my home. I start with amethyst in my living room and beside my bed for protection and black tourmaline for the ultimate protection from negativity in all corners of my home. Black tourmaline is also an excellent EMF protection and grounding stone. Rose quartz ensures that love flows inside and around the home, while citrine is for abundance, prosperity, and joy. I use Selenite to cleanse the crystals and clear the energy of the home and black obsidian as a spiritual protector.

Redfin has a great article that I was recently featured in and it helps explain more about energetically cleansing your new home before you move in.

Crystals for Empath Protection

Black tourmaline protection goes a lot further than just emf crystals, they are also founding stones for all sorts of other types of protection. Like shungite, they are the perfect crystals for empath protection. 

When you’re an empath you feel what others around you are feeling. You pick up on their energies whether they are positive or negative. 

An example of this was that every time since C 19 began, I would go into a severe depression for a week or two whenever the local health authorities would mention the new ‘rules’. I didn’t recognize it for what it was until this last December. I am incredibly empathic to begin but think about this scenario for a minute… 

EVERYONE is glued to the tv waiting for their next orders, they hear that they will be locked up for another 2 (6 or whatever) weeks and as a collection of human beings in your town, city, or province (in my case being Canadian) feeling the exact same thing at the exact same moment, you become bombarded with an overwhelming amount of other people’s emotions. It’s intense and extremely overwhelming especially if you’re not properly protected or grounded.

Now I make sure that I am always wearing my shungite pendant. I have gifted nearly everyone in my family one as well.

Without any sort of protection or grounding tools, you will take that energy on as though it is your own. You feel helpless, sad, and lonely. Especially if you are an at-home momma, or work from home, whatever might keep you isolated and disconnected from the outside world. Especially in the winter months. 

Crystals for empath protection are incredibly important if you are an empath. I now wear shungite daily, I have piles of it and Black tourmaline protection at every computer and tv, in my car, and purse. I have my daughter and husband wearing it as well.  

Not only is shungite great for emf protection, but it is also, like black tourmaline protection, great for grounding and environmental smog energy protection.

Black Kyanite Protection 

Black kyanite protection acts as a large energy shield against harmful negative vibrations. It is incredibly grounding during healing sessions and because of its unique shape, it’s called the witches broom, which is fitting since it sweeps away negative energy. 

This is another crystal I’ve had for over 20 years because of its color and texture although again, I had no idea at the time about it’s properties. 

These days I very much appreciate its quality to stop worry, overthinking and overwhelm. It assists in keeping one present and feeling at peace. 

It is very helpful in both protecting the mind, and keeping it clear and focused when fear and confusion try to creep in.

Black kyanite is an excellent psychic and healing protection and is often used as a shield from vampire energy suckers. Although it is grounding, it allows the user to keep their energies high. I love this about black kyanite, it protects and grounds but allows the wearer to still be goal-oriented without distraction.

Bloodstone Protection 

Bloodstone is considered a very protective stone and it’s also as grounding as the others that we have already talked about.

It is one of the stones for protection from negativity as well as it clears and purifies the energy around it. 

What I especially love about bloodstone is that it is also a fantastic stone for protecting and strengthening the immune system, which is also very much needed these days with the release of strange new viruses. 

And on that note, It is believed that when it is carried or worn, it becomes an amulet to the wearer against threats or bullying. It brings them the courage to confront when needed. It also is said to help one become protected by deception helping the user/wearer overcome enemies in battle. 

It enhances courage, and provides emotional support, which during these trying times, I think we could all use a little more of. 

And something I love about bloodstone is that it reminds us that chaos comes before the calm. That in order for us to have a transformation, we need to become upheaved and disoriented so that we can find our purpose, our peace, and our way in this world. Maybe that is why it is here to teach us today… that everything happening in 2020 was the beginning of chaos to find our transformational point in this new world.

Garnet Protection

Garnet has been a sacred protective talisman against negative energy since the medieval days.  It also helps the flow of energy through the body which boosts the detox of negative emotions that manifest in the body.

Alongside protection from negative energy, garnet protects the mind from disempowered states and protects one from depression and suicidal thoughts. Again, with disconnection and isolation around the world, suicide has, unfortunately, been on the rise around the world. 

Garnet is a very powerful crystal for your crystal toolbox and is a powerful energy purifier. 

These are also the stones for protection from negativity, the crystals for negative energy removal as well as the core crystals for psychic protection. 

Red jasper Protection 

Red jasper is an extremely protective stone, providing protection by absorbing negative energy. It then acts as a neutralizer of EMF pollution while it assists in calming emotions through its grounding nature.

Tigers Eye Protection

It is believed that the tiger’s eye crystal is one of the most powerful stones for protection from evil as well as one of the most used crystals for protection from spirits, most likely because of its simulation to that of an eye in the chatoyance of the stone. It is believed to be both watching you and watching over you. 

Tigers eye is a powerful stone for keeping you grounded and centered. Especially during these uncertain times being surrounded by the unknown and some pretty intense chaos in the world right now. 

Amethyst Protection

Amethyst is an incredibly protective stone. Ridding the mind of negative thoughts and soothes and protects the mind. It is extremely calming and is my go-to for bringing on peace and blocking anxiety. If you want to learn more about crystals that help with anxiety you can check out my recent blog posts linked here. Which makes amethyst, in my books, one of the most balanced crystals and must-haves in your crystal toolbox. (nevermind that purple is my absolute favorite color so I am kind of biased in all the ways.) 

Amethyst has another interesting protection…. It protects from drunkenness. But not just from alcohol, but also that of mystical intoxication. It is said that Catholic bishops wore an amethyst ring to protect them from this mystical intoxication and that when others would kiss that ring, it would then protect them too! (I found that neat tidbit on this page:

A common use of amethyst in my house is for sleep protection. It is one of the more popular crystals for sleep protection which I will address more of in a future blog, but for now, this is just an added bonus of amethyst protection while we are on the topic. It brings a sense of serenity which helps protect the mind from psychic attacks and nightmares while sleeping. While removing negative energy, it calms and allows for a deeper, more restful sleep. I put tumbled amethyst stones or chips mixed with lavender in small mesh pouches under our pillows at night. We all seem to sleep better because of it. 


This is a bit off-topic, however, I wanted to address that many of the stones mentioned here today also double as great stones for promoting courage in the user or wearer. Normally I would just save this information for another blog, but I feel that it is actually quite beneficial to have a stone for courage while protecting yourself. The reason for this is that for many of the things that we would need protection for, we would also need the courage to stand up for ourselves in the first place, to decide that we deserve to be protected from any attack, experience, or negative energy in the first place. 

The stones that promote courage in this bunch we’ve talked about today are: Black Kyanite, Bloodstone, Garnet, Tigers Eye, Red Jasper, and Amethyst

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