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In everything we desire to be, do or have, it begins from within. We need to be mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually awakened before we can truly activate the life we desire. Join me on this journey by beginning with these simple steps to help you achieve your perfect state of being. 

Learn how to meditate. Understand how to use a crystal in meditation and energy clearing.  Through these rituals you will begin to embrace life more fully and be a better version of yourself as you awaken your spirit a little more. Also added is a bonus sheet with more self care steps!  

As you awaken your spirit on a deeper level, you will want to master the art of meditation!  This course allows you to learn how to spend more quality time with yourself connecting to your higher self and spirit.  You will learn easy more simple self care tools that you can incorporate into your morning ritual routine.

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Your roadmap to self love and a life of peace. Begin your journey today.

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Polished Pyrite Heart
I met Jessica at a yoga studio where I was teaching. She was offering Crystals and educating people. I was drawn to her knowledge and passion for crystals and their benefits. Not long ago we began to offer a crystal meditation and yoga class together, to balance the energy centers of the physical body. It was a lot of fun and a wonderful experience for us and for the students. If you have the opportunity to study with her, you know you are, in my experience, with the best person to do that. She has a gentle and beautiful heart. Luisa CQuezada
Luisa CQuezada -Owner of Luisa Quezada Yoga

9 Steps To Self Care Free Mini Course

Your roadmap to self care. Downloadable content where you can learn first hand how to heal through self care and the use of crystals.

Want to learn about crystals? Then you’ll want to talk to Jessica. She is a wealth of knowledge and her crystals are all high vibe. You’ve got to check her out and her amazing workshops.
Hayley Lowen -Owner of I Am Blessed Mala
Polished Pyrite Heart

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Polished Pyrite Heart

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