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Polished Pyrite Heart

Frequently Asked Questions

Trust your instinct that the crystal you are attracted to is the right one for you. (We go into more detail in the crystal course.) 

Each course is designed to build on the other, if you want to get the most from the course, you simply purchase the VIP package as it has all the other courses within it. 

However if budget is a factor then I would begin with the free course and move through them as your budget allows. 

There is no time limit to completing the course. You get to work through it at your own pace and over whatever length of time works for you. 

I am not a Dr. and this is simply my opinion, but I believe their vibrations do help to heal us through those vibrations as well as their shapes and colours as well. 

We will ship to wherever our shipping company goes, however, you (the purchaser) are responsible for any shipping costs and the insurance for damage.

In our courses we teach you how to use crystals in combination with self care.  We also teach you how to connect with the crystals, cleanse them, meditate with them and how they can better benefit you. We offer group coaching with some courses to help get all your questions answered about the different crystals in our courses. Or you can opt for One on One coaching to receive a more personalized experience.