Empath Protection Stones In A Crystal Grid

Empath Protection Stones

Empathic Protection Stones

Empath crystals

As an empath, you would probably like to carry some empath protection stones around. You might carry them in your bra, pocket, or purse because you feel overwhelmed with the emotions and feelings that others around you are carrying. This may be as a collective in your community, those close to you, the same room you’re in, or the house that surrounds you.

The level that you feel others around you is dependent on the level of your empathic abilities, your connection to it, and the ability to guard and ground yourself from them.

I know that, especially now in the world, with lockdown announcements and other such orders, communities collectively mourn. If you are an empath and you are not self-protected, you will most likely be taken out energetically by the force of sadness or anger that is sent out into the earth’s energy field surrounding us. 

Remember that what we focus on expands, if a massive group of people is feeling sadness, anger, or joy, you will most likely also feel what is being sent out. I feel it is my duty to share with you the best stones for empaths to help protect you during this incredibly challenging time in the world so you can continue focussing on what you want to attract, rather than that of a mourning community.

Empaths are also susceptible to psychic attacks especially when there are so many huge emotions being felt right now. The world then becomes bombarded with the negativity that individuals are focused on and that transmutes into mental and verbal attacks on others that don’t think or feel the same way as they do.

This can become incredibly draining. Not everyone is aware of this occurrence, nor is everyone affected by it, but if you are, then you know that you need more to assist you in getting through it without breaking. 

I also know that feeling what others feel can come through as anxiety or depression in yourself and if not realized, it can become dangerous to your mental health. I know that when someone I care about comes near me grumpy when I have been feeling joyful, I can become sad or depressed, or anxious almost immediately after the encounter.

I am now very familiar with the transfer of energy between two people, but most people are unaware of it happening. If you don’t know that this is happening, then you can become badly affected by the transference and can spiral out of control not knowing how to deal with the heaviness of the situation or the energy put on you. I am also guilty of doing this to others, it is a very natural way of being, especially when you’re caught up in the moment of emotions.

In this case, the perfect crystals for empath protection could be grounding stones for empaths. When an empath is not grounded, then they are inclined to absorb everything that comes their way and again become knocked out, emotionally, energetically, and even physically. Connecting to the earth is very important, but connecting with the right crystals can be an added benefit.

Crystals help to focus and harness the earth’s energy. This can be done just by carrying them, however, meditating with them helps to harness and focus their power even more so, because you are more in tune with the crystal in hand and the desired outcome. 

Crystals for Empath Protection

The 10 best crystals for empaths and for empath protection, in my experience, are shungite, black tourmaline, obsidian, amethyst, hematite, rose quartz, clear quartz, labradorite, lepidolite, and smoky quartz.

How I would suggest you use these empath protection crystals are as follows:

Empath Protection Jewelry

The first way to protect yourself as an empath is with empath protection jewelry. I personally wear a shungite pendant around my neck every day. It was sometime in January of this year that I realized how important this action was in keeping me from becoming overwhelmed with depression and utter sadness. I would hear an announcement of any kind and be wiped out for days crying, depressed, sad, angry, etc. until I processed all the raw emotions I was feeling, and only then would I feel normal again. It was only a few months ago, after 8 months of an emotional roller coaster, that I finally realized the pattern. 

I would highly recommend empath protection jewelry for sensitive children as well. (Not wearing it to bed or course!) My daughter has her own crystal jewelry and when she gets too emotional I put something on her or place crystals in her bath to help soothe and ground her. I find it actually works faster with her because she is so connected to spirit. Most young children are. 

Other empath protection jewelry options would be in either a bracelet (I wear a shungite one) when I have a different pendant around my neck). Rings are a great way to hold a protection stone, especially on your dominant hand. And if you only have a tumbled stone available, then I highly suggest popping it in your bra, pocket, or purse.

Empath Protection Grids

Recently I have created crystal empath protection grids with all of these incredible empath protection crystals. I have it sitting in the center of the room I spend most of my time in. In the center is a very tall black obsidian obelisk with all the other crystals surrounding it. I love how people walk into that room and say wow, it feels so peaceful here! I highly recommend trying it. 

Meditation for Empath Protection

Meditation is an incredible way to use your crystals and harness the powerful vibration of their energy. This connects you more directly to its energy allowing you to focus on what you’re trying to achieve. Block negative energy, ground, and attract more peace and joy. 

Let’s get to the best stones for empaths. I will give you a list of a few of my favorites and why. Everyone has their own go-to list, but not all crystals work the same for everyone because we also all vibrate at different levels ourselves, but to really use their energy, you must clear them and use intention. 

Empath protection crystals

Empath Protection Crystals


My favorite empath protection crystal is shungite. It is my favorite for empath protection because I have personally experienced its profound grounding abilities. I can physically feel the difference when I put it on or take it off. I feel like it instantly throws up a shield around me, rooting my feet into the earth. When someone comes at me with their anger or grief, I have a natural shield blocking the majority of their energy from touching me. I still feel it, but I am no longer wiped out for days as would occur prior to wearing this protection crystal.

Another great use for shungite is EMF protection. If you are sensitive to energies as an empath, then EMF will also be a factor in how you feel and how life affects you. I keep it near all my devices and beside my bed for this reason.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a wonderful emf protector as well, but is a powerful empath protection crystal in general. It both blocks and absorbs negative energy then transmuting it into a vibration that we can use to feel safe. 


Amethyst is an incredible protection stone and was actually worn in battle in days of old to protect the wearer in combat. So, not only does amethyst bring peace and calm, but it also acts as a physical shield to the wearer. An amethyst pendant can be a great amulet for this purpose. 


A close cousin of Amethyst, Citrine has many amazing healing and protection benefits. It is often associated with growing wealth and abundance as well as protecting its wearer from negative energy and bad thoughts.

Black obsidian

Black Obsidian is quite similar in its properties to shungite and black tourmaline when it comes to blocking, reducing negative energy and grounding. I love its glass-like texture and its sleek appearance as 


Hematite has a beautiful sheen that acts as a reflective shield deflecting unstable vibrations and negative emotions. It melts away overwhelm and is a powerful grounding stone. 


Oh, how I love this magical stone. It is the most powerful psychic attack empath protection stone. As it deflects the attacking energy, it allows you to refill, as you will, as it strengthens and empowers you. It is filled with rainbow colors that move with the eye, which assist in the transformation from the current state into a higher one connecting to the spirit world.


This beautiful stone filters out the negative energies that come at you through others’ heavy emotions. It reduces the effects of those emotions and the feelings that have been absorbed by you, the empath. This filter weakens the negative impact while supporting your emotions and balancing them while bringing peace and calm to wash over you. 

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz has always hung around my home. It has a magical and mysterious feeling about it. I love the depth of color it can hold and the intensity that comes with being a part of the quartz family. It transmutes negative energy just like black tourmaline while grounding just the same. I have added reiki-infused smoky quartz to my grounding spray to use during mediation. It is a wonderful elixir when meditating or just feeling all over the place. 

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is an amplification stone, so whatever stone it is with, it will amplify, so when partnered with the other crystals for empath protection, you may feel the energy increase!

Unusual empath protection crystals…


I know howlite is not your typical protection stone, but in a way, in today’s society and how we are constantly bombarded with high stress and anxiety, I consider it an important one. Howlite  (as I have written about in previous posts) has served me well in blocking both stress and anxiety from crippling my emotions. If you want to learn more about crystals that help with anxiety then you can read my post linked here.

I went through a difficult time when anxiety attacks happened daily and once I began wearing the howlite pendant, I felt relief within 20 minutes. This is after weeks and weeks of constant heart palpitations and the sensation of my chest closing in. I am grateful for the use of crystals and their incredible vibrations during that trying time in my life. 

Rose Quartz

Another stone for empaths is not so much a protection stone in the sense I’ve been sharing about, but in that, what you focus on you attract. When you are focused on love it is hard to focus on anything else, as well, it strengthens the heart bringing balance, which is why, I believe rose quartz is a stone for empaths. Rose quartz is to do with all things love. So that means that it can keep your heart safe (protected) as well as project the love in your heart towards others. 

Empath Protection Crystals and You

I understand the difficulty of remembering how to protect yourself and when to do it, even as someone who has had the ability and knowledge of how to for many years. 

Whatever you do, don’t be hard on yourself. Remember that this is all part of the journey of raising your vibration and moving to the next level of consciousness. You must make the effort to make these changes but understand that only with practice will you really begin to harness the technique as second nature. 

I was on the phone with someone I care about today after having a beautiful day out with my daughter. I was wide open and in a state of love when the person on the phone threw all her anger on me. Behind that anger was a bucket full of loneliness, sadness and unhappiness, but because I was not prepared, I absorbed so much of it and it wiped me out. I realized later, that not only did I forget to ground and visualize a shield, but I was not wearing my shungite. 

It’s late and I am still processing all those emotions and working on letting go of the guilt that is connected to those feelings reminding myself that everyone chooses their own state of being and how they react. I in turn was moody not realizing until this evening what had wiped me out and brought me down.

I will meditate and release all that energy that was swirled and woven around, in, and out of the people I have connected with during these hours of processing subconsciously.  While I meditate, I will send healing energy to all those people that were affected by the emotions that were put on me by that hurting soul as well as hers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Empath Protection Stones

Can empath protection stones be worn by anyone, or are they only for empaths?

Empath protection stones are typically intended for individuals who are highly sensitive to the energies and emotions of others, and who may feel overwhelmed or drained by the constant influx of these energies. These individuals are sometimes referred to as “empaths.”

However, empath protection stones can also be beneficial for anyone who wants to create a protective shield around themselves, or who wants to remain grounded and centered in the face of negative energies. Some people may find that they feel more balanced and grounded when they wear certain stones, even if they are not particularly sensitive to the energies of others.

So, in short, empath protection stones can be worn by anyone who feels drawn to them, regardless of whether they consider themselves to be an empath or not. If you are interested in using empath protection stones but are not sure if they are right for you, you may want to try wearing or carrying a small piece of one of these stones for a few days, and see how you feel.

How long do the effects of empath protection stones last?

It’s difficult to say how long the effects of empath protection stones will last, as this can vary depending on the individual and the specific stone being used. Some people find that they feel the effects of a stone immediately, while others may need to carry or wear the stone for an extended period of time before they notice any effects.

In general, it’s believed that the effects of empath protection stones can be long-lasting, but it’s important to remember that stones are only one tool that can be used for protection and grounding, and they should not be relied upon as a sole source of support.

If you are using empath protection stones and you feel that their effects are waning, you may want to try cleansing or recharging the stone, or you may want to try using a different stone. Remember to trust your own intuition and feelings, and to use stones in a way that feels meaningful and helpful to you.

How do I choose an empath protection stone?

When choosing an empath protection stone, it’s important to consider your own needs and preferences, as well as the specific properties of each stone.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing an empath protection stone:

  1. Intention: What are you hoping to achieve with the stone? Are you looking for protection from negative energies, or are you seeking to improve your emotional well-being? Consider the specific properties of each stone, and choose one that aligns with your intention.
  2. Personal preference: Trust your own intuition and feelings when choosing a stone. Some people are drawn to certain stones because of their appearance or energy, while others may be drawn to a particular stone because of its symbolism or meaning.
  3. Size and shape: Consider the size and shape of the stone when choosing one to carry or wear. Some people prefer small, discrete stones that can be worn as jewelry, while others may prefer larger stones that can be held in the hand or placed on a desk.
  4. Quality: Be sure to choose a high-quality stone that is free from cracks or defects.

Remember that there is no “perfect” empath protection stone, and the best stone for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. Don’t be afraid to try out different stones, and trust your own intuition and feelings when making a decision.

I hope that this has been helpful and if you have any questions about empathic protection or empathic protections with crystals, please feel free to email me directly at info@crystaltherapy.ca You can also get access to my FREE self care mini course here!

Love, light and abundance,


Jessica Bouchard

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