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Crystals For Fertility

What are the best crystals for fertility?

I get asked this question a lot. The truth is, it hits home for me. I struggled with fertility. I have a gorgeous four-year-old girl now, but I spent three years having miscarriages before I got pregnant. After losing another baby, I stopped trying. I was afraid to go through that emotional roller coaster again, but I also realized that maybe I did not truly desire another child as they are a lot of work.  

Recently, I changed my mind. So, I created a fertility crystal shelf. I realized that I really do want another child. With everything going on in the world, and my daughter being an only child, she gets lonely by herself. I thought that perhaps I was being selfish not giving her a sibling.

I decided that I must put all of my focus and intention into it and thus created a fertility gemstone shelf. I have also added fertility affirmations and a fertility meditation (which is a self-love meditation I share with you in my online meditation course).

I did this with my dream car last year! I know it is not the same thing, however, the manifesting process is! I decided that I wanted that dream car, believed that it was possible and I put all of my power and energy into that desire. I even gave a date, then voila, about a month later than I had anticipated, I got my dream car.

I coach people on the power of intention and manifestation all the time, and yet, I forget when it comes to the big things in my life, that I need to do the same thing! I am now taking my own medicine when it comes to conception! 

I will share in this blog, fertility stones, crystals for pregnancy, as well as some crystals for childbirth. I think it is important to give you the complete list so you can be prepared for the entire journey, but we will focus mostly on crystals for fertility. I will also be sure to add a picture of my personal fertility gemstones, that way you can get an idea of how much effort I am putting into this desire.

Crystals for Fertility 

(Let’s start with my personal favorite!)

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is all about love, compassion, kindness, and caring. I feel that this is absolutely vital when wanting to conceive. 

I was given a massive raw rose quartz rock from my father for my unborn child as a baby shower gift and it was one of the greatest gifts she was given. It was given to her with love, and every time I would see it, I felt an abundance of love for my dad, for myself, and for my unborn child. I only share this to show you how it can affect the feelings within you. 

You must love yourself, your life, your partner as well as the baby. Self-love and a healthy relationship, especially intimacy-wise, are important when you desire to get pregnant. 

Rose quartz is a heart-healing stone. It heals trauma in the heart chakra, removing fear, resentment, and anger. I highly recommend a fertility meditation, with rose quartz, to clear away any of those negative emotions and to allow the light of love in. This would be beneficial to allow your body to soften and open it to conception. You can use any meditation with rose quartz to help with this experience. I offer a self-love meditation with it in my meditation course here: Crystal Therapy Wellness Begins Within Course

Rose quartz also helps with reproductive health as well, which plays an important role in conception. It balances moods brought on by hormonal changes in the body and acts as soft maternal protection. Rose quartz represents feminine energy while enhancing it. It is important to be in this delicate energy when looking to conceive, as pregnancy is the essence of femininity.  Rose Quartz is also a great empath protection stone.

  • Represents love (love for yourself, baby, your partner and life in general)
  • Heals trauma of the heart
  • Assists with reproductive health
  • Balances moods from hormones
  • Feminine energy
  • Increases fertility


Moonstone jewelry has always been a favorite of mine. I created a crown, necklace, and ring with it for my engagement photos in 2014. I have always loved all things romantic and magical and this photoshoot was the essence of both. I don’t own moonstone rocks, only jewelry, and I make it for clients all the time. It has been a well-loved piece of art for many. (Feel free to message me if you would like your own heirloom piece of moonstone jewelry.)

Moonstone is a stone for feminine healing and helps women to conceive naturally. This crystal is tied to the energy of the moon, its cycles and flow while holding powerful feminine energy. Because of the connection between the moon and moonstone, it is a wonderful crystal for balancing hormone fluctuation in women. It will improve the reproductive system, and assist with fertility. Moonstone fertility is said to be created by moon magic. 

Moonstone soothes away stress, calming the mind, and clearing away trauma. It adds both inspiration and success in love while connecting to nature and spirit consciousness. When you are connected in this way, one tends to feel lighter and more free, allowing your mind to be calm and centered, thus relaxing your body. 

  • It also protects you while traveling which can aid in a safe conception, pregnancy, and childbirth. 
  • Feminine healing
  • Connected to the moon and its energy
  • Balances hormone fluctuation
  • Soothes stress
  • Calms the mind
  • Protects while traveling

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is a wonderful stone for increasing fertility. You can place it beneath your mattress or beside your bed to have it aid you in your fertility journey. It will help to balance your sexual energy and heal your sex organs while working with the root chakra as a grounding crystal. 

Grounding is important while working with fertility stones, it allows you to become more focussed on relaxing and just being, which is important while trying to conceive. When you are fired up and trying too hard, you can tense your body and stop the flow and connection to conception. 

I can vouch for this as I was extremely ungrounded when I tried to get pregnant with my daughter. I was all over the place, but the moment I surrendered to balancing and resting and being in a grounded state of love, I conceived the most incredible human I have personally met to this date. 

  • Another added bonus to smoky quartz is the protection against EMF – electromagnetic frequencies.
  • Increases fertility
  • Balance sexual energy
  • Grounding
  • EMF protection

Green Aventurine 

Green aventurine, like rose quartz, is connected to the heart chakra. I cannot express enough how important it is to use healing crystals for fertility. They heal the heart and allow you to rest in a state of joy and love. When you are in this beautiful earth connected state, you are more apt to conceive and less likely to miscarry. 

Green aventurine is a wonderful stone for self-confidence. Being confident in yourself is important when making a life-altering decision such as bringing a child into the world along with all the responsibilities of raising a child. It helps to stabilize your emotions which is also really important with all the hormones and emotions that come along with creating a child and throughout both pregnancy and childbirth. 

  • Heart chakra (self love and compassion)
  • Heart healing
  • Protects against miscarriage
  • Confidence

Another beautiful green stone is Malachite. It has amazing protective powers and really helps balance your emotional state.


Carnelian is said to be the stone for fertility. It plays a large role in boosting energy and fertility. It is often used to stimulate the ovaries, the uterus, fallopian tubes, cervix, and vagina. It is connected to the sacral chakra. Because it is a crystal for passion, it awakens sexual energies within. This sexual energy encourages more spontaneous intimacy with your partner.

Carnelian protects from negative energy, is also used to connect to creative energy as well as ignites sexual energy. It increases positive feelings while releasing fear and sadness, and because it represents the reproductive organs it also helps protect against miscarriages. 

This crystal is a wonderful tool for giving you confidence in your entire journey when it comes to pregnancy, childbirth, and throughout motherhood.

  • Protects against miscarriage 
  • Increases fertility
  • Boosts sexual energy
  • Increase reproductive organ health 
  • Assist in facing fears concerning pregnancy and childbirth
  • Aids in confidence during labour and childbirth
  • Raise confidence in raising a child


Unakite are crystals for fertility and pregnancy. Unakite heals trauma in your DNA so that you can come to a place of peace that aids in life and in fertility. When you are calm it allows your heart to release energy blocks that prohibit you from letting in love (even that of an unborn child). 

Unakite harmonizes and balances the reproductive system. It is a good stone to carry while pregnant to help keep you relaxed during the process of growing your little human as it aids in a healthy pregnancy and childbirth. 

  • Aids in fertility
  • Heals trauma in your DNA
  • Brings peace (which aids in fertility)
  • Harmonizes and balances the reproductive system
  • Calms the heart
  • Recommended by doulas

Crystals for Pregnancy

Lapis lazuli

Lapis has always been a stone associated with Egypt and Egyptian royalty, but often in Egyptian history, it has been mentioned as the pregnancy crystal. In pregnant women, lapis lazuli helps to release the stress of the mind and emotions. It also helps reduce stress on the body. It relieves anxiety and restlessness as well as 

  • Reduces pregnancy pain
  • Releases stress and anxiety
  • Reduces physical stress
  • Calming


Lepidolite is wonderful for pregnancy for a few reasons. It is a soothing stone that helps bring on sleep. It gives your body and mind restfulness while bringing its calm energy to the wearer or keeper of the stone. I love this stone so much and have even been lucky enough to find pink lepidolite mixed with pink amethyst and citrine! I can feel the love radiating from those pieces. 

  • Soothing
  • Prevents insomnia
  • Relieves anxiety
  • Helps pregnant momma enjoy pregnancy without fear
Crystals For Fertility, Lapis and Lepidolite


Relieves tension, and brings on peace, it also is a wonderful tool for relieving both physical and emotional pain. I always kept a small bag of lavender petals with tumbled amethyst stones and a heart-shaped lepidolite crystal in a sachet under my pillow at night while I was pregnant. I still woke up at 4 am every morning, but when I slept it was peaceful and deep.  Amethyst offers protection and stability, both of which are important during pregnancy.

  • Protection
  • Stability
  • Relieves physical/emotional pain
  • Calming (relieves tension)


Aquamarine is incredibly soothing, this is excellent for a pregnant woman. Soothing energy allows the mother to feel calm and relaxed and to release worry and fear during the pregnancy and childbirth. It is also said to discourage miscarriage which makes it a key crystal to wear or meditate on during pregnancy.

  • Discourages miscarriage
  • Soothing
  • Relieves fear and anxiety

Crystals for Childbirth

Most of the crystals I would recommend for childbirth are also used to conceive and during pregnancy. You can add any or all of the above crystals to your crystal toolbox to help you during childbirth and throughout your journey as a new momma.

I will add one more though, one that I was personally drawn to when it was time to give birth to my rainbow baby. I was made aware of the crystal and I needed to find one for my daughter. I had never seen it before and yet, one day, I was in a beach town walking the beach when I was reminded that I wanted this crystal for my baby.

I wandered into the local crystal store with zero expectation and yet, there it was! Not only did I find a piece of Angelite, but it was a significant piece of Angelite. I was over the moon and my wonderful husband purchased it as he realized it was a sign (I had told him of the crystal prior to our outing that day.) The thing I think attracted me the most though was its connection to spirit. I felt like it was a direct line to her angels as she was brought into this world.  


Angelite is a soothing, calming and peaceful stone. It brings serenity and forgiveness. It assists with angelic connection, connection to the spirit realms and guides. Babies are pure magic and when they become a human we want them to keep their magic for as long as we can. This crystal allows that connection. 

  • Stimulates psychic gifts
  • Dispels fear
  • Encourages serenity and peace (releases stress and anxiety)
  • Allows for forgiveness
  • Soothing
  • Angel, spirit connections

Fertility affirmations

Affirmations can sometimes get a bad rap. We can’t affirm something that isn’t true and pretend it is and expect that it will ‘work’, however, if you can say your affirmations and visualize the outcome you desire, you will attract the results that you are affirming.

Just putting yourself into a state of being that acts as if though it has already happened, you are attracting the results you desire. You feel the feelings of joy that you would actually have if you were to conceive, carry out a healthy pregnancy and give birth to a beautiful and healthy baby, you will rest in that feeling all day and that allows you to take action towards your ultimate goal.

This is how affirmations become a very powerful tool. Try these affirmations below to get you started, then feel free to add more specific affirmations that portray your lifestyle and desires more closely. 

  • My body is fertile and I ready to conceive a child
  • My body is more and more fertile every day
  • My womb is healthy and strong
  • My womb is open to new life
  • My eggs are healthy and fertile
  • My body is designed to conceive
  • My body is healthy and in perfect functioning order
  • I completely love and trust my body
  • I am grateful to the natural process of conception
  • I am grateful for the new life within me
  • I am healthy, loved, and supported

Fertility Crystals Conclusion

I hope this information has been helpful. If you are interested in the fertility meditation I use you can join my meditation course that will help you in so many areas of your life that are pertaining to fertility, pregnancy, and childbirth along with all the things that can affect all of these stages in your journey. 

You can find more of me on IG and Facebook @crystaltherapy.ca or on my website www.crystaltherapy.ca

Love, light, and abundance,

Jessica Bouchard

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